black screen playing No Man's Sky (and others) 5700 Xt

Discussion created by mlinuxguy on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2020 by colesdav

When playing No Man's Sky if I accidentally hit alt-tab my screen goes black and I have to cycle power to get it back.  This has also happened to me on startup both with this game and with Project Gorgon.  I can pretty much expect it to happen every time in NMS if I alt-tab out, while in Project Gorgon it seems to only happen randomly on game startup.

I have a AMD 3900X, 64gb of ram, Asus 570-Pro, and the AMD 5700 XT.  Its updated to the latest drivers available.


Gaming appears to be the only place this happens to me.  This PC is on all the time and I watch youtube video's full-screen with no problems.   The only place this new build has EVER had issues is in gaming with the black screen.


One item of note is that after cycling power the ASUS RGB Aura LED's flicker (at a high rate) until I load the Aura software to reset the colors.   On the 2nd power off it comes back working (if I didn't load the color profile again after the 1st power cycle).


The other item of note is this was a new build with everything including the 5700 XT in it from the start.