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FirePro S10000 in ESXi Freeze while passthrough

Question asked by prinzzera on Feb 18, 2020

Hi, everyone I've a FirePro S10000 in an ESXi Server. I want to Passthrough GPU1 to VM1 and GPU2 to VM2. If i boot VM1 or VM2 separate (without the other VM) it works well (Benchmark - tested). But if i boot them together and make a test both of them freeze. Only a restart of the host will make the GPU work again. What have i done wrong? 


What i've done:

- Tried several ESXi Versions (5.5 ;6.0; 6.5; 6.7)

- Complete reinstall of all VM's

- Bought a new PSU (1650W)  Do you know what i have done Wrong?


Is it eventually possible to use VSGA instead of VDGA? 


I did not find any Driver for the S10000 in ESXi, is anyone with that driver out there?


Kind Regard