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Why does ProRender make Blender crash every time?

Question asked by kahtoeme on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by david_s

Upon installing the Blender plugin, ProRender seems to make Blender crash before even reaching the splash screen.  Every time I attempt to open Blender again, it crashes.  In the python window, I receive this error message:  Cannot allocate memory for buffer, VkResult=-2.  On the one occasion I was able to open Blender and tried to activate the add-on from the preferences window, Blender crashed completely once I click the tick box.  Is there anyway to fix this?  Is this a hardware issue?  I've never had a problem with a Blender plugin before.


Also, is there a reason why when I try to reinstall it, The ProRender installation window seems to just hang there?