5700 XT 20.2.1 Driver

Discussion created by angellicious on Feb 17, 2020
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5700 XT 20.2.1 Driver I have stutter in every game I play my resolution is 1080p 240hz +freesync

How long do I have to wait to play I have bought this card in Feb 3 and since I have not been able to play any games without stutter, now before you lecture me on how I should turn off and try certain things no im not doing that.

Release a fix via driver update NOW otherwise STOP SELLING ANY NAVI CARDS since you know you got issues with your drivers how the actuall heaven lord can you sell your product if its not working as advertised and as it should?

Do you think we are stupid or something? or that the money we gave you grew on trees?

And now I call the shop I bought the card from and they telling me I cannot return it only way is to go guerentee wise and wait 40-80 days and I might not get my money back but the same card.

Are you guys ok? Can you work harder? I dont care how hard you have to work to fix this.. you already made the money so WORK and FIX this FAST!