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Crossfire Frequency and FPS drops

Question asked by monkeyyninja on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by monkeyyninja

CPU:                          i7-4930k @ 4.4 on water
MEMORY:                 32gb DDR3-2400
GPU:                         3x R9 290x Crossfire'd, all on water (ASUS DCU2)
VBIOS:                      113-AD62900-105
DRIVER:                    19.11.3
PSU                           ROSEWILL 1600w
OS:                            WINDOWS 10 x64 1909 (18363.657)


Intermittent frequency drops in many games, resulting in severe intermittent FPS loss; all GPUs will drop from 1050mhz to under 400 randomly, causing temporary stuttering and freezing.

Since I built this system I've had an issue with about half the games I play suffering from severe, intermittent frequency drops, which of course result in massive FPS losses. I've tried Afterburner, GPU Tweak, RadeonPRO, Wattman, and registry tweaks to alleviate this issue, but seemingly no matter what I do frequencies will randomly drop from the stock 1050 to below 400 for a few hundred milliseconds, regardless of load. Attempting to overclock the graphics cards exacerbates this issue. Currently running 19.11.3, the last 2019 edition.


This system is beginning to show it's age, and I'm trying to fix issues like these so I can justify not upgrading for another cycle or two. Fyi, the CPU/RAM overclock is rock solid stable, Furmark never fails or artifacts in crossfire or on the individual cards, and temps never go above 45c on the CPU or GPUs even during torture testing.


I really, massively, genuinely appreciate any and all recommendations sent my way.