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Low Performance GPU RX480

Question asked by yvjjflores on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by leyvin

Greetings friends. Let's get to the point ... haha


My computer configuration:

GPU: Sapphire RX 480, 8 GB, OC (stock)
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 BE 3.2 Ghz executed at 3.6 Gz (OC type Phenom II 955).
RAM: 16 Gb, 1600 (stock)
Mobo: Asus M4A87TD.
Monitor: Samsung 23 "set to 1920 * 1080, 60Hz (stock)
Windows 10 Home editio V 1903.
GPU Driver: Adrenaline 2020


I use my computer for flight simulation (Prepa3d V4.5), numerical calculations and other normal uses, so Adrenaline is set to Computer mode.


Normally it was noted that when I start the simulator (Prepar3d) the use of VRAM is considerably increased (obvious) and when I am inside the sim it occupies all the VRAM and the use of the average round processor between 5-25%.

After the procedures that I must do using the sim in full screen, I will run it in window mode and leave it minimized to the background (only the icon is in the active bar), however it still occupies me more than 50% of the VRAM even without seeing live images and that causes strong delays in the execution of the PC (videos, web browsing, gpu numerical calculations, etc.)
Previously, the above did not happen because I was using the previous driver (I was forced to update because windows demands it).


I have also noticed that with this conductor the temperature of the GPU is increased by 3 to 5 degrees.


Now, the questions:

1) When passing a rendering program (game / simulator) will become minimized, the VRAM should be released (the vast majority) to make way for the rest of the applications that require it ????


I appreciate help in this regard.