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Sapphire RX 5600 XT extreme downclocking during overwatch and csgo

Question asked by gaav on Feb 16, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by amdmatt

Overwatch/csgo (fps)

HD 7870 xt : 170-240 -100% gpu usage 

RTX 2060 super ventus OC 240-250 fps stable - 30% gpu usage

RX 5600 xt pulse 100-250fps - 10%-80% gpu usage

acer XF252qX (240hz 0,3ms input lag)

Shadow of tomb raider/3dmark works fine at 100% gpu usage with +2% performance gain over the rtx 2060 super.


Had a hd 7870 xt that i replaced for rtx 2060 super. But im amd fan for years so returned it for rx 5600 xt upon release.

Did a fresh windows install, updated vbios to 160w tdp. newest amd drivers. Tried everything:


-minimum fps limit

-wattman minimum core clock speeds



My core clock speeds go down to 200-300mhz in spawn with 250fps then when teamfight happens fps drop to 100mhz core clock goes up to 1200mhz fps go up to around 200. Then it drops the clocks to 300mhz again like in screenshot. Game is unplayable as i even drop to around 80fps then back up to 240 then 100.... 


Im really mad... i even put my old hd 7870 xt did benchmarks and i have higher avg. fps then on rx 5600 xt in overwatch !!!!!!!!

212fps avg. 7870 xt vs 168fps avg. rx 5600 xt  old card 100% gpu usuage its old card so i dont expect it to go 240fps