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Problems downloading from the Radeon webiste

Question asked by adamvlahakis on Feb 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2020 by nbcaldon

I just built a new system and have been downloading/installing all the programs and files I need, but I can't seem to get the latest graphics drivers for my RX 580. The CD that came with it installs an older version of the drivers, and I can't seem to find a way to get it to update from within the program, so I went to the AMD website, selected my card and clicked the download button. At first everything seems fine, the download speed is a little slow (900KB/s) but not super far out of the range I can expect with my connection (usually between 1-3MB/s), however as the download progresses, the download speed drops until its at about 10KB/s and finally tells me that the download has failed and I have to start over again. I have tried this many times over with nearly identical results every time. I am using firefox as my browser, so I switched over to chrome with no difference. I tried suspending all network activity on my network and tried again, same results. I tried downloading with both my laptops, again, no results. I have even tried going on other networks only to get the exact same results as before. Downloads from other sites and programs don't seem to have any trouble at all, and get download speeds more like what I have come to expect, I am only having trouble with the AMD website. The slow download speeds aren't the issue here, the issue is that they always start at the same point, and predictably slow as the download progresses until it fails altogether, usually around 25% completion. Has anyone else experienced this kind of issue/found a way to work around it?