Work on Support rather than User Experience

Discussion created by sinbad1999 on Feb 15, 2020
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I do like how AMD have improved the UI of their new Adrenalin 2020 drivers for radeon graphics cards however, i've been running into so many problems ever since i've downloaded it.



When i was using ReLive, i went back to see my recording of 1 hour and turns our the microphone recording was choppy

and glitchy. The microphone works completly fine and when i used other recording programs, i had no problems.


I get random freezes while browsing the internet or not even doing any intensive tasks. The screen would just freeze and i have to wait a good 2 minutes for the system to finally catch up and resume. This normally happens when i alt+tab to another program.


I've had varius blue screens of deaths when i wasn't even using the computer. My system is completly new and have had no problems whatsoever until adrenalin was released, all these problems started occuring.


In games, it would randomly freeze when i try to alt tab and will have to wait for the system to recognize the action and alt tab. It would also freeze when the game is booting up. (This happens with 90% of my games)


Modern Warfare - whenever i stand in specific parts of the map, i can see through walls and textures would barely load quick enough even though i have a fast enough system to run the game.


My specs:


16gb 3200mhz ddr4 Memory (Dual Channel)

Rx 5700 xt


Please can you work on fixing errors and bugs and actually get decent driver support than making the program look nice.