Ryzen 3900x, High Core Temps in Idle

Discussion created by gandolf on Feb 15, 2020

Greetings everybody, 


i already read countless threads according to this issue i just ran into but i cant fix it.


I ve decided to upgrade my system after 5 years of service from: i7-6700k, 16gb 2133 ram to R9 3900x, 16gb 3200ram, MSI MPG x570 Gaming pro and a NZXT x62 AIO .


Now the Issue:

At idle im running at 1,2-1,4 V on all cores and hitting 50-60°C..... while my NZXT and HWinfo reporting 38°C Liquid Temp and 2700 Pump rpm
I ve already done everything somebody mentioned in one of those threads but nothing seems to work out...


Running OS: Windows 10 Pro 1909

Things ive done so far:

Disable PBO
Enable UEFI

Enable XMP

Updated my bios to : AMI BIOS 1.6

Fan bios settings to DC

Uninstalled Dragon software,

Adjusted power plan

Reapplied Thermal compound between cpu and AIO (used MX-4)


But there is one thing ive noticed:

While only being in my Bios my CPU chills at 36°C as soon as windows is started up, the cpu peaks at 70°C only to go back at 50-60ish °C


Could it be possible that some Windows Task is creating my issue?


I hope you can help me.


Thanks in advance.


(Sorry for my grammar, english isnt my mother tongue )