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HD 7970  fan operation, with video core load

Question asked by enjoy on Feb 16, 2020

Good afternoon, I apologize in advance for my English .. 

when the video card is idle, % of the fan’s work is about 30 -40%, 
the fan speed (RPM) of gpu-z shows somewhere 175 rpm. The maximum fan
speed is 3000 rpm (+/-),
30% of 3000 is 1000 rpm (+/-).
when I start the game, the fans do not turn on until
the core card temperature reaches 80 degrees Celsius,
and 2 fans turn on by 100%, slowly lowering the speed
while the core cools down. but the percentage of fans
always grows, with the core temperature at about the
same level, and the rpm fan stands still.
I suspect that something  went wrong in the video card,
I would like  to know about what part does not work.
I recorded the work of the video card in a log file from gpu-z, the file is attached.
Windows 10 64bit,  8 Gb ram, Core i7 2600K, mainboard: asus  p8h61-mx,  sapphire hd 7970 dual-x