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RX 5600XT - Windows crashes on boot

Question asked by mruffin75 on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by mruffin75

Up until 2 days ago, my PC was running fine, until I did a couple of windows updates (nothing dramatic), and rebooted the computer (to put into perspective, my PC usually runs for weeks at a time between reboots).  The PC wouldn't come back up and I assumed it was one of the updates, however on looking through the event log, it seemed like it was getting errors that after a Google search, said it was most likely to do with graphics card drivers.  So I booted into safe mode, removed the graphics driver, and rebooted.  All good so far, the PC boots back up fine.


I go to reinstall the graphics driver only to have the screen "turn off" half way through (at the time it seems to initialise the graphics driver). When rebooting the PC, it gets the Windows splash screen while booting, but then shows a corrupted version of that same screen and freezes.


I've tried multiple times, (using DDU and the AMD driver removal tool), but the same problem occurs.