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Turned off Crossfire on rx570, cannot turn back on

Question asked by brayjamin on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by amdmatt

I've been having this same issue since I first build my computer in May 2019..

  • I have two rx570 graphics cards.
  • They had crossfire turned on.
  • I turned it off because I was trying to use my other graphics card for its hdmi port, since I have two monitors as well.
  • Instead, the system would fail to boot, or when I logged in it would freeze up and eventually give me a BSOD.
  • So I tried to turn crossfire back on in the Radeon settings. But it's not there. Why? Because it only shows up when you have two graphics cards in, but when I insert the second card it freezes before I can even access the settings.
  • I have no way of fixing this... Factory resetting the settings doesn't work. Reinstalling the drivers don't work.


What do I believe the problem is?

Well, it seems that because I have two of the exact same card, Windows 10 is attempting to assign a driver to both of them, but it can't. Because it cannot distinguish them, they are forced to use the same driver, which for some reason won't work with more that one device?


I may be completely wrong on this but that's why I have searched the internet for a good answer, and never found what I was looking for. I was reluctant to post about this soon because seriously, signing up for these forums is a huge pain. It took me probably 10 minutes just to get passed the human verification captcha.