Ryzen 7 2700 not boosting problem

Discussion created by rdoc11 on Feb 15, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hello, I just bought a R7 2700 and I was doing some benchmarks untill I noticed that the cpu, when using all cores, it's frequencies wouldn't go past 3.4GHz. Now the label says that the base clock is 3.2GHz with turbo boosting until 4.1Ghz.


Is it possible to get the boost on all cores? Or is the 4.1 frequency only reachable individually ?

I attached 2 images, one when the CPU reached 3.9 on one core, and the other shows the CPU stats when I was benchmarking using all cores.


My spec is:
Mobo: Asrock SteelLegend B450
RAM: 2x 8GB RipJaw V 2400Mhz

PSU: Seasonic S12 620W



PS: With this same board I used a R5 1600 before, and I'm pretty sure I saw it using the (boosted) 3.6GHz on windows task manager, tho I can't confirm this right now.