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Through Windows Update AMD 8400 /3 Serie not working proper anymore.

Question asked by jeand on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2020 by kingfish

There has been a Windows Update for AMD Products, which causes problems on my HP Pavilion 15-n259eg TouchSmart Notebook PC. Till 16 Januari 2020 I could delete that Update since +/- 15 dec 2019, and all worked good again, but since 16 January I couldn't do that anymore. As I reinstalled my computer or did troubleshooting all the time the problem came back. So I repaired Windows yesterday my Notebook by Media Creation tool, after deleting everything of old programms on my notebook in the registry.
After repair I got first an 43 Error for AMD 8400 /3 Series and AMD 8600 was fine and it through out the driver of ACPI\ASD0001\2&DABA3FF&0 (The drivers for this device are not installed.) Also an AMD part.
Then this AMD Update came. Now AMD 8400 /3 series have no notification of a problem, but I get other Problems like every 3 seconds a break and very slow scrolling again. No able to work proper in OpenOfice.
So I had to turn off the AMD 8400 Graphics part in Devicemanager to work more normal. But this makes that other things don't work, as not being able to change the Screenlight and sceenkeyboards colour changes as if it would break. Also I get now an Error 43 for AMD 8600 in System Information, and had still an error for ACPI\ASD0001\2&DABA3FF&0 (The drivers for this device are not installed.). For this ACPI I downloaded of an old HP problem solved thread a ZIP for AMD AS WB64a. Serie nr driver from 2013. It seems to work.
But the AMD 8400 /3 Serie and 8600 Problem isn't solved yet.

Tech Dates:
AMD 8400 & 8600 Driver n Device manager date 16-8-2019 nr 26.20.12028.2 
Processor AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics, 2000 MHz, 4 core('s), 4 logical processor(s)

Systemmodel HP Pavilion TS 15 Notebook PC, Systemtype x64-based PC, System-SKU G2C30EA#ABD
Name AMD Radeon HD 8400 / R3 Series, Adaptertype AMD Radeon Graphics Processor SDI (0x9830), compatible with Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Installed driver program C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\u0346830.inf_amd64_35731e557194973d\B345901\aticfx64.dll,
AMD Radeon HD 8400 / R3 Series PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_9830&SUBSYS_2170103C&REV_00\3&2411E6FE&0&08 
AMD Radeon HD 8600M Series PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6660&SUBSYS_2170103C&REV_00\4&1AEEF8A&0&0011 error 43
Windows 10 home
HP pavillion 15-n259eg TouchSmart Notebook PC..  (Thoughscreen works good.)




Thanks for help in advanced.