Black screen issues also affects older graphics cards (Radeon Software 2020)

Discussion created by ninjago on Feb 14, 2020
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Got an older system.

i7 2600K on a P67 motherboard. Radeon R9 290 graphics card.

( Sapphire Tri-X )


This system has been perfectly stable for many years now.

No issues at the desktop and can game for hours and hours.


Currently running Win10 x64 1909.


Decided to try the new Radeon Software 2020 .


First odd thing was the sudden short black screens at Win10 desktop.

Then came the strange colors in Firefox. No issues playing videos

on YouTube etc, but the address and search boxes changed colors for a

couple of seconds. Usually yellow from the normal grey.


Those issues are annoying, but you can still live with them.



Haven’t played any games since I started using Radeon Software 2020 in Dec -19.

Now on 20.2.1 I decided to play one, the other day.

5 min in I got the infamous black screen and sound still running in the background.

No response from the computer, so had to use the button to restart.


While I can live with the other issues, black screen crashes while gaming

is a deal-breaker.


Went back to the latest Radeon Software 2019, and now all issues are gone.

The system is back to its usual stable self.


So the black screen issues seems to affect more graphics cards than

those mentioned in the release notes.



More users with older hardware and the same issues ?!