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Frame Rate Target Control / WattMan Global -> save electricity because

Question asked by londaik on Feb 13, 2020

sorry for bad english ....
Google translator

look for the old driver 19.12.1

2 options:

1. Games -> Global Graphics -> Frame Rate Target Control because I can only use 60FPS, the monitors don't work anymore.

2. WattMan Global -> save electricity because I am not a nuclear power plant owner and my Vega 64 sucks over electricity in the 2020 driver and it is only storm waste in other options.

As long as buddy and I do not find these options in the current 2020 adrenaline, the driver is out of the question for us and others because power consumption is extremely high .... s...


would be great if that could be found in 2020 .... I'm not a donkey picking money from trees.



... for the s... english thank you google