Saphire Nitro + 5700 XT

Discussion created by angellicious on Feb 13, 2020
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I recently bought this card brand new, Ive did a clean install of windows 10 on my pc everything is optimized for gaming (high power plan profile , no game mode etc etc..).

I have a dell alienware aw2518hf 240hz monitor and im experiencing stuttering as if freesync is not working as it should I'm using latest drivers 20.1.3 also tried the optional version 20.2.1 with same results.

Ive used both cables hdmi 2.0 that came with my monitor that allows 1080p/240hz as well as a high display port cable also able to do 1080p 240hz so I dont know what the deal is here but as I've read in many forums for the past 5 days that im trying to fix this issue it has to be your drivers so whats the hold back? I paid 454 euros for this card and its not working as it should, imagine how many people paid for their cards as well and they have the same issues. Should I return this card and go for an nvidia card or you think amd will fix their drivers so we can use what we paid for.