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adrenalin 2020 black screen video_tdr_failure

Question asked by xlox on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by xlox

Hi since adrenalin 2020 , i've got black screens happening randomly ("black screen" but must be a bsod with loss of display from the gpu , screen turns black , hard drive writhing things than computer reboots after 30s/1min)

with "whocrashed" i see the error is "video_tdr_failure" in atikmpag.sys


I rolled back from 20.2.1 to 19.11.3 and I have absolutely no problem with 19.11.3


i'm on radeon vii + 3900x + x570 + 32Go gskill


someone has a clue ?


reporting weird reading from task manager since 2020 adrenalin ... "compute 2" graph missing for example