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AMD stuttering (downclocking) during 3d gaming(5700XT)

Question asked by baepe on Feb 12, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by amdmatt

Why does AMD insist on having the worst software in the industry? I have tried everything from forcing a minimum clock speed to overclocking and underclocking. No matter what I do the card will always insist on dropping to sub 600Mhz during 3d gaming, causing HORRIBLE stutters. This card is totally useless and makes games unplayable. Not only is the software bad but it's so bad that it's not possible for the user to override the bad settings. I have tried the Chill workaround it doesn't help. I have even tried using third party software like MSI afterburner but AMD overrides afterburner (Why can't I just download the drivers, I don't care about the lousy streaming software). It's not like this card is just hitting the market it's been out for 9 months....AMD has only recently recognized the problem. I will never buy another AMD card again.


2700X,5700XT,32GB ram(3200Mhz),970 evo M.2. MSI b450 tom max, windows 10 latest build.