Radeon 550 rapidly oscillating from 0 to 100% usage

Discussion created by rbufba on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hello people. I use a Ryzen 5 3600.16 gb of DDR4 RAM, and an AMD Radeon 550 card. My motherboard is an ASUS B360M Gaming HD. For some time now I have noticed some crashes in the mouse slowing down the use of the computer. I installed the AMD program to monitor Radeon and realized that my GPU is oscillating in less than 01 minutes several times from 0 to more than 90% (sometimes reaching close to 100%). When the GPU gets close to 100%, it is the moment when the mouse cursor slows down. I updated Windows with the latest update 1909 (KB4532693) and I had the feeling that it improved a little, but the RAdeon monitor still indicates peaks of almost 100% frequent. Remembering that these spikes occur even if no application is running. Does anyone have a similar problem? Can someone help me?