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Faulty GPU or PSU?

Question asked by xrafael95x on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2020 by xrafael95x

Hi guys let me make this story short and also included what I've done so you guys can help me, please


I got this RX 580, I was using it with a crappy 800w PSU, I was using a 6 pin connector because that is what the PSU had. I Oc the card to 1400mhz and Undervolted, all was great I can play games all normal, One day what I was expecting happened, the PSU died, I bought a used Corsair cx 750w 2017, and the problems started to happen, I get a black screen that forces me to restart my pc, I get this problem in rainbow six siege and in uniengine heaven, when the game is about to start, sometimes I can play sometimes I can't, today was the first time I was playing and the black screen happen during the game, if I OC to 1400mhz I get the black screen. In the case of uniengine i could OC to 1400mhz and I ran the benchmark, weird thing is that always it's in the same scene that I get the black screen, one thing that I want to make note of, is that I play tomb raider for 3 or 4 hours and all good, I don't get any problem, so I don't know what to think if its the PSU or the GPU that could have been compromised by the damaged PSU. Before this new PSU all was good.


Things I have done:


DDU and install an older driver (19.5.2)
Install a new windows in another HDD
Change the thermal paste

Reset Bios

Cleaned Pc slot and reinstalled the GPU
Use a different PCI line of the psu (it has 2 lines)
Change the power outlet



Systems specs:

i7 3770
rx 580 4gb
8gb ram 1600mhz
500gb hdd
windows 10
Corsair cx 750w