Ryzen 2700 - fluctuating temperatures

Discussion created by mike_mike_19 on Feb 12, 2020
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Hello, I recently got a new R7 2700, X570UD, 16GB of RAM, GTX1050Ti, 250GB SSD, 500GB HDD, Fortis3 CPU Cooler with AC MX-4 thermal paste. Idle temperatures are about 30 C (minimum) and during OCCT maximum temperatures are about 50 C.

The problem is that when using Windows balanced power plan, then I see some fluctuations on the CPU temperatures. Those fluctuations seems to be not present when I use the Ryzen Balanced power plan...

I am attaching some screen shots:

1. Windows balanced power plan (at idle): cpu-load — ImgBB the temps are fluctuating in the 30-41C interval

2. Windows balanced power plan (during internet browsing): cpu-load-1 — ImgBB 

3. Ryzen balanced power plan (at idle): cpu-load-ryzen-power-plan-after-a-while — ImgBB 


1. It is normal to appear some temperature fluctuations when using Windows balanced power plan ?

2. Which power plan should I use for Ryzen 7 2700 ?


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