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Monitors go black PC unresponsive during gaming

Question asked by maxiking66 on Feb 11, 2020

so new pc keeps doing this while I play


"the division 2" and "Shadow of the tomb raider"


only game I tried besides those, is League of Legends which I had no problems with.


the screens goes black and seem to loose signal, fans seems to be on a high setting during this, no reaction from the pc after that despite trying everything. Only solution is forcefully shutting down(Power and reset button do work, I saw other ppl with simmilar problems which had not working buttons). Time into the session seems random since it happend about 2 minutes in earlier and yesterday I could play for a while. but it happend maybe 5 times now and that was everytime I played those games. Did not have a session where it did not happen. I'm using fairly high settings (mostly Ultra) but my PC should be able to handle that and during the games my CPU/GPU/ram usage % are nowhere near max. But sometime the Load spikes and I don't know why.


I stress tested it before and after those things occure with prime95 and furmark running at the same time, maxing out CPU, GPU and Ram throug this. No Problems happend while stress testing.


OS: Windows 10 64x
CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X
RAM: Ballistix Sport LT DDR4-3000 CL15 (15-16-16)
Mainboard: Tuf 570 Plus
a few SSDs and HDD
Power supply: Be quiet pure power 11 700W


the only thing I changed in the bios settings is activating D.O.C.P. for my ram and set the frequencies to 3000 and 1500 and the voltage to 1.35.

I tried taking of the CPU cooler and using real thermal paste, since I used the one that was already applied on the cooler.

Taking out my GPU and putting it in another PCI slot did also not help.


I had GPU-Z running earlier while it happend, but logging only goes till the point it happend or a few seconds before not entirely sure.


Google doc of the GPU-Z log


Appreciate all the help and solutions I can get.