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2nd Monitor used to Work (Until Driver Update)

Question asked by lmstearn on Feb 9, 2020

Hi there,

Driver Adrenalin ver 19.12.2 on W10 1909:

Same setup as described back here. In those days, the TV monitor was switched to either a non-HDMI output or HDMI2 where resided the monitor. The PC would boot, and still detect the TV monitor regardless of the output selected, of course if it was not HDMI2 and we tried to use the monitor there would be warnings.

The difference now (and it's an annoying one), is that the Roku box requires the TV monitor to be permanently switched onto HDMI3, and this has upset the driver to the extent of removing the TV monitor setting.

Given the Adrenalin interface provides all that Catalyst offered, but more, does Adrenalin have all the legacy support Catalyst offered for these setups? Catalyst doesn't appear via the top search box in the Adrenalin gui, Googling indicates there still appears to be support for Catalyst, as in this undated kb article, or has it been completely replaced?

Thinking the best way around it is to plug the HDMI into the other monitor as before- a bit awkward here- is there something better than that- like a bit of MrFixit code to recover the port?

Thanks for reading!


Update: Found the issue- PEBCACK- forgot I unplugged it when installing the Roku. If all our issues were as easy as this!  And the Adrenalin is working beautifully!