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5700 xt screen flic

Question asked by simmickie on Feb 9, 2020

So I have a Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT and since 2 month I keep on having problems with it making my screen flicker or make some pixel flicker (the whole screen never flickerd at once only some small parts). So I did some testing and downlaoded MSI Afterbruner, when I opened it I saw the standard settings ( I hope Afterburner didn't change anything, so I guess those are the standard settings) and after some testing I found out that if I underclock my Core Clock from the standard 2100 MHz which was the default setting when I installed Afterbruner to around 1850-1950 MHz the flicekring disapeared. Now I am wondering if my card is faulty or what happened because it can't be normal that you have to underclock the GPU from (I guess) factory settings to make it work.

I have all the latest drivers installed tested older ones but I can only make it go away by manually underclocking my GPU.I attached a screenshot and a video of the flickering.

PC specs:

Ryzen 5 3600x

MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge Wifi

16GB 3600MHz tridentZ

750W Corsair PSU


I hope someone can tell me whats wrong.

With best regards