5600XT black screens and game crashes

Discussion created by crypticall on Feb 8, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by darkio

   I got my Gigabyte 5600XT yesterday and so far I've had multiple events where my screen turned black.

My understanding was that the AMD drivers were better now. I've had my GTX 970 since Early January 2014 and never really had any problems with it and here I am today on day 2 of my GPU and I've had one instance of full computer shutdown and stuck in a boot-loop. As well as multiple events of both my screens turning black and then turning back on. The settings in the Radeon sometimes gets reset because of this. 


Just to add, I did update the vbios, but I had these issues both before and after.


Specs are: 

Ryzen 3600X

Gigabyte 5600XT OC

650W-gold Corsair PSU

16GB DDR4 3200 Memory

B450 Asus motherboard with the latest BIOS.


I've also tried to update the chipset drivers to the latest ones.

So far just an overall bad experience with team red on the graphic front.

My CPU have been great though.