Athlon 3000G supports how many monitors? Can one "connection" be damaged?

Discussion created by shax83 on Feb 9, 2020

Hello all,


Apologies for lengthy email, hope to explain this clearly.


System specs below.

1. Athlon 3000G

2. Gigabyte B450 I Aorus Wifi\


4. Samsung 970 EVO SSD


Issue: When connecting 2 monitors, DP + Alternative HDMI port, there is no display in that alternative HDMI port.


Example on my Athlon 3000G:

1. DP + HDMI Port 1 = DP Display works, HDMI Port 1 Display works

2. DP + HDMI Port 2 = DP Display works, HDMI Port 2 Display does not work (Windows detects a display, but nothing shown on screen, monitor light keeps blinking)

3. HDMI Port 1 + HDMI Port 2 = HDMI Port 1 Display works, HDMI Port 2 Display doesnt work



1. I initially suspected a mobo issue, but my motherboard distro patiently tested my mobo with 2 concurrent displays on his own 2200G, i.e. HDMI+HDMI, DP+HDMI and no issues.


2. I brought the CPU back to my AMD distro, my request for RMA / replacement was rejected.


Reasons cited by local distro for rejecting my RMA / replacement:

1. Incompatible monitor , incompatible TV - Impossible, I tried it on LG C7 TV, Acer XV273K 2160p, Acer VG271U 1440p, Samsung CF390 1080p, Generic dell office monitors in my office 1080p    (??)


2. Motherboard issue - Again, impossible explained above.


3. Athlon 3000G only supports maximum 2 displays - This could be possible, however, this wikichip website states that it supports 3 max displays. Athlon 3000G - AMD - WikiChip . My local distro stated that this website is unsubstantiated and not AMD validated, so they are unable to confirm / assist any further.


So can AMD please explain whether (I am no technical expert, so please forgive my ignorant questions):

1. The Athlon 3000G can indeed support 3 displays?

2. The Athlon 3000G has a different (connection/port) for each of the 3 displays?

3. It is possible that 2 of the 3 connection/port on the Athlon 3000G works and 1 connection/port is faulty?