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Mac Pro 5,1 GPU for ArchiCAD and Twinmotion

Question asked by kittonian on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by kittonian

I currently have an Apple EFI flashed NVidia GTX 780 (6GB) in my 2010 Mac Pro (Dual 3.46ghz 6-Core, 64GB 1333mhz RAM) and my two main applications are ArchiCAD and Twinmotion.


AMD is recommending the WX 9100 for Twinmotion, which I assume means it's overkill for ArchiCAD (which is fine), but since that GPU was released more than two years ago, I'm wondering if that is still the best solution.


I need to be able to drive an LG ultra-wide display and use Twinmotion on Ultra without any lags or stutters. Right now I have to reduce video performance to medium in Twinmotion is order to work and then switch to ultra to check the output, which is of course very cumbersome as medium doesn't show me nearly the same image or details.


There is no gaming happening. This is an arch/viz workstation. I am happy to purchase the WX 9100 if that's the way to go, just wanted to check with the community before spending that kind of money.