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rx 5700xt terrible experiance

Question asked by herecuzimbored on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2020 by mahtab3

so, i bought the rx 5700xt about 1 moth before black friday. Upgraded from the rx580 and at first i had the regular problems (same as i have now) and it had low framerates, stuttering badly and crashing all the time. Since then it has not gotten much better, i cant pass my regular 40-60fps playing mordhau no matter the settings. 



CPU: r5 1600

GPU: rx 5700xt Rog Strixx

PSU: some 600w crosair psu

RAM: 2x8GB cl 16 3000MHz dual channel ram

STORAGE: some 500GB NVMe ssd


would like to know if there is something i can do that i havnt tried from the high amount of time having spendt trying to fix it and getting help on different discord servers and such.