Ryzen 2500u - Vega 8 Dedicaced ram limited 256MB

Discussion created by marioxborn on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by mpengelly

The Dell Inspirion 15 5575 is equipped with a ryzen 5 2500u processor. I have:
Ram: 16Gb
Storage: 512 SSD
Bios: Lastest of December 2019 V1.3.3 (V1.3.3 AMD AGESA RavenPI-FP5-AM4
Gpu: Vega 8 with 256MB Of dedicaced ram.

My problem is the dedicated graphics memory: the 256MB allocated to the Vega8 is insufficient, the software and games do not recognize the graphics card and the compilation of video files considers that there is no compatible GPU. This problem posed with Acer, Lenovo, HP ... brands that quickly released an update to increase the RAM from 256 to 1024MB. But at Dell, NOTHING. After multiple complaints, Dell has put online update V1.3.3 of the bios; the description of which specifies the correction of the video memory; but after installation NOTHING.
I ask in this forum if there is no other option to change the amount of dedicated RAM or if AMD had an alternative for OEM customers like Dell.

So i want to change the Vega 8 dedicaced RAM on laptop or edit bios to access Advanced Settings Menu.