RX 5700 - Battlefield V | black screen + Radeon Software crash

Discussion created by kreaspykream on Feb 7, 2020
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HI, so recently I've purchased a AMD GIGABYTE RX 5700 Gaming OC card, and while game performance has generally been a mixed bag due to AMD's drivers, there's this specific issue that really rubs me the wrong way, and I wanted to know if anyone here has been experiencing this.


Okay, so specifically in Battlefield V, I've noticed that, while my framerate is higher than my GTX 970, there's some stutter present, which my GTX 970 didn't have, and then, the juicy part.


I can't even finish a match, after a couple minutes, my TWO monitors will just randomly go black for a couple seconds, and then I'm kicked back to my Windows 10 Desktop, so in my head, I thought Battlefield V was the one crashing, but then I installed AppCrashViewer, and I realized that my Battlefield V NEVER crashed, it just closed, in fact, what's crashing is the AMD Radeon Software, AKA the drivers.


Now I know recent driver patch notes mention a similar issue, but it's a bit vague, so what I'm asking is, 


Are any of you reading this having this issue in Battlefield V, DirectX 11? I don't mind if you don't have a fix to suggest, I just want to make sure I'm not the only one having this issue.



Ryzen 7 2700x
16 GB of RAM (Dual channel)

game is installed in an SSD

two monitors,

Drivers: 20.2.1, though 20.1.3 and 20.1.4 have the same issue.

and obviously my RX 5700


thank you!