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is there a way to make the Adrenalin user interface look like Catalyst?

Question asked by old_noobette on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by baepe

The other day i decided to upgrade my HD 7770 drivers. The AMD site dictated a Adrenalin driver package.

So i wiped my Catalyst drivers and tried the Adrenalin.

It didn't function well , my GPU temps rose in idle. i had to constantly correct a "Busy" pointer issue that came back repeatedly. So i decided to find a older Catalyst driver for my HD 7770. But i could not find ANY older Catalyst drivers on the AMD or manufactures website. So after rummaging around for like 20 minutes i found the old manufacture's CD  with catalyst 12.1 and installed that. Now it is working flawlessly again and my temps dropped back down and no more irritating busy pointer.

However,,, Back to the subject question.

while i was using it, I found the Adrenalin interface and menus confusing and annoying to use, and there was way to much advertising going on on the home tab.

At some point i am upgrading to a rx 5500 and I will have to use Adrenalin drivers.


Is there a way to configure Adrenalin to look and interface like Catalyst?


Yes im Old. Yes i could learn it, but it is just annoying.

Thanks in advance.