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Screen reader skipping since relive was added to the driver setup instead of being a stand alone program

Question asked by firebringer77 on Feb 5, 2020

Hi I'm visually impaired & since re-live was added to the radeon 5700 driver software in the Dec.  adrenaline 2020 bundle I can no longer use my hdmi audio output without a 5-10 second pause every 30-180 seconds of my screen reader actually reading text.


I'm running windows 10 1903 due to screen reader screen support not working right in 1909. I am having this problem while using either windows narrator or NVDA ((a U.K. based donationware service)


I've clean uninstalled with sighted help the radeon driver packages & amd graphics related software. All I need is to be able to disable re-live & my screen reader will stop skipping.


Thank you for your time