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Freezing laptop after AMD display driver update

Question asked by abarone1491 on Feb 5, 2020

Hi AMD community!


I hope you can help me with a particular problem my computer has since a few days ago...


I have an ACER ASPIRE V5-122P-0408 with a AMD A6 processor @ 1GHz, 6GB DDR3 RAM memory, 120GB SSD, and AMD radeon HD 8250 chipset and the latest version of Windows 10..., also the laptop has a touch screen. 


My problem is that a few days ago, my laptop automatically updated the display driver with the latest version of it, but eventually my screen frezzes up, so the mouse does, in fact, the entire laptop frezzes for a couple of seconds and works normally and inmediately frezzes up again, and continous intermittently. The funny think is, when I unnistalled the AMD driver and uses de Windows generic display controller my laptop works fine! I've been reinstalling the windows 10 many times, from a fresh installation, and remains the same!


I've tried using the previous controllers from AMD, such as the AMD Radeon crimson, and it does the same, only works normally with the AMD Catalystic suite, and when I install the software with the customize installation. If I choose the express installation version, the laptop does the same. Also, when I unnistall the AMD driver my laptop works just fine, the problem happens when I installed any AMD driver, even if I use the automatic software detector provided by AMD...


Hope anyone could help me!