Removing Radeon Software

Discussion created by fakeoninameoni on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by yetismash

Hi all,


I went to work yesterday and realised "Radeon Software" had been updated and was now constantly running on my work PC. This wouldn't be that annoying if only Radeon Software didn't hijack all of my most used shortcuts such as CTRL Shift R or CTRL Shift S.


I don't need this as I doubt I'll be doing any kind of game streaming on my work PC, how do I completely uninstall it without also removing all my drivers? Any way to just disable the gaming features?


Seems silly they're all active by default with no way to remove them.


I can't even exit the program as it's always active in the background.


I've attached a screenshot of the program to clarify which one I'm talking about.

Any help would be very appreciated.