RAM and VRAM usage in Quake Champions on Win7 and Win10

Discussion created by deepforest on Feb 4, 2020
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Video card and driver was replaced. Why QC now ram and vram usage is reduced at 2 times on Win7? On Win10x64 VRAM usage is usual.


1 - 30-1-2020
Xeon 1240, rx570 4gb(20.1.3), 16gb ram, win7x64


2 - 3-2-2020
Xeon 1240, rx580 8gb(20.1.4), 16gb ram, win7x64


3 - 5-2-2020

Xeon 1240, rx580 8gb(20.2.1), 16gb ram, win10x64

Quake Champions mid settings ram usage (5.2.2020) Win10x64 - YouTube 


ps game not upadate last time