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disable performance metrics

Question asked by guily6669 on Feb 4, 2020

Hey there,


Did anyone found a way to completely disable the new AMD Radeon Adrenaline performance metrics and game advisor?


I have a old CPU and since this function was introduced it's only causing even more CPU stuttering than ever before because Radeon keeps logging gaming data and I have everything disabled (gamer advisor and in-game overlay)...


I'd love to know a way to disable what is shown on the attached screenshots.


Also even though game advisor is turned off on AMD Radeon software settings, it keeps track of all games and keep advising (don't even know what does OFF means if it doesn't turn it off and keeps pissing me off with tips that I never asked for neither I want my AMD drivers to keep tracking of in-game performance while using more CPU and making FPS lower).


If I want to know in-game performance I use MSI afterburner and only temporarily as it always loses a few FPS, I would never play an actual game with the performance tracking on which eats more CPU and makes a few FPS lower and more stuttering on my very old CPU...


ps: If anyone know how to completely disable all this stuff please let me know. And I don't know what is AMD waiting for to make a custom installer for their drivers where we can chose to install AMD Link, AMD performance metrics, AMD game adviser, AMD browser and the streaming stuff which I personally don't want to install any of that extra features and just want a simple driver panel (like it used to on the old design) with settings for games\OC and purely only GPU related stuff...