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Radeon VII essentially unusable

Question asked by duox7142 on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 25, 2020 by trek

Greetings all, 


My Radeon VII has given me a rollercoaster of troubleshooting get working in a proper manner. 


I first encountered severe instability in December. Black screen computer crashing. I went ahead and reinstalled, and issues persisted. I cleared all overclocks, RAM, CPU, GPU. I replaced my power supply. I replaced my SSD.


I reinstalled Windows and removed chipset drivers, which seemed to remedy the issue for some time.


Later the issues came back. This time, much quicker black screens. And, if video is playing fullscreen, with a game running on my other monitor, the computer will 100% crash. I then rolled back to 19.5 drivers, which those in the community have said are the most stable. It completely fixed the video issue. For black screens, that worked for a time, for about a month, until last night.


Last night, the drivers would crash and would black screen, while the computer continued to operate. it happened 10-15 minutes apart. Rebooting did not resolve the issue.


I wonder if it was a stock voltage error being too low. I upped the voltage a good amount, and still got the same crashes.


I then decided to try my luck with 20.2 driver. This did not crash in my 30 minutes of testing. I fully expect it to not work eventually and will update when it fails.


I had an RMA for my card, but in the month after filing it, it had worked without issue. I decided to keep my card and so the RMA has lapsed. Issues came back after the RMA timeframe. 


AMD, I'm a big fan of you guys, and I root for the underdog. But to have complete instability on your once flagship graphics card is inexcusable. Having consumers who purchased your top-of-the-line product do regression test is equally unacceptable.


Still, I am determined to get this fixed. I'm completely willing to work side-by-side anyone in support to get this resolved. Just let me know step-by-step procedure to regression test and give the data back to AMD support.