Dual RX 5700 XT with Asrock x570 Creator

Discussion created by charlie812 on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2020 by nandobarth

Anyone have any experience with running dual 5700 xt's. Randomly the second GPU will disappear from Windows Devices, or I'll get the code 43 Error. When it works Radeon Adrenalin sees both GPUs and labels them GPU1 and GPU2. When I get the code 43, Adrenalin will just show one GPU as GPU1. If the second GPU doesn't not show up in Windows Devices, Adrenalin just says GPU as if another doesn't exist. I've reinstalled windows and drivers. Updated BIOS and Windows. The cards are brand new, some googling suggest to reflash the GPU bios. I also can't find any info through Asrock on if there should be specific settings. The manual does say which PCI slots to put them in. If I swap the cards from one slot to the other the top slot always works. Which leads me to believe it's not GPU hardware, but possibly, driver/OS based or BIOS settings.  Any help would be great.