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5700XT does not lower memory clock in idle @ 144 hz

Question asked by silent3d on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by chuteboxe

Hi Community,


there is the known issue that most AMD GPUs do not lower the memory clock in idle when using a 144 hz monitor.

I got a new Acer XV272U monitor and also have that problem. When I let the monitor run at 144 hz, the power consumption rises to 32 watts. If I lower the refresh rate to 120 hz memory clocks down and the card only needs 8 watts. It's not only about the power consumption (prices are very high here in Germany) but also the fan turns on and I have that disturbing noise.


I want to use my monitor with its natural refresh rate at 144 hz with low memory clocks in idle. I've read that AMD was able to solve that issue for Vega GPUs - is there a driver or firmware update expected for RDNA? Or are there any workarounds?


Dispite that issue I'm very satisfied with my 5700XT, don't really want to replace it because of that...


Thanks for your help in advance!