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Fan speed 0 to 100%

Question asked by solchael on Feb 2, 2020
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I have a little problem, well not sure it is a problem. Here are my GPU info

I run windows 10, 64bits, everything is up to date, and I never used any 3rd party program to manage my GPU. It's the first time I check on this. Only had some fan monitoring program for anormal speed on my cpu (was due to thermal paste and dust).....

When I start the computer the GPU fan is running then stop. I read on internet that with that GPU the fan only run when it reach a certain temperature. Which is what happens when I play league of legends. When the temperature increase from 55 -60° to 80 - 85°, the fan runs at 100% then when the temperature goes back under 60° the fan goes back to 0% speed. So I checked on the new software of Radeon (20.1.3) and I see I could set a "personnal" setting. That's what I did. I enable Fan Tuning : 

I wanted to see if I could have a decent temperature all the time to avoid the noisy sound of 100% speed. But the fan isn't running at all when I press apply. The fan start running only if I set Fan Speed between 90% to 100% speed no matter which temperature.

Or I should leave it as it is (IE automated) ... And have, when the temperature goes over 80°C that noisy and loud sound of the fan? 

If you need more information let me know.