Problems with video cards radeon Rx560 and HD5450

Discussion created by luisar2020 on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by hardcoregames™

Hi guys, I recently bought the gigabyte RX 560, 4GB graphics card. I had installed the radeon HD5450 2GB, but i need to work with 4 monitors and i made some little changes. I put the RX 560 into the PCIex #1 slot and the HD 5450 into the PCIex #2 slot. Then i connected my 4 monitors : DVI-D + HDMI into the RX 560 ports, and DVI-D + VGA into the HD 5450. When i install the drivers for the RX 560, (windows 10 64 bits) ,the new suit of radeon (adrenalin 2020) uninstall the drivers for the HD 5450 and the monitors connected into this card go blackscreen, but the rx 560 works very well. I just installed the drivers for the HD 5450 and when i restart my PC the hd 5450 works well (show the extended desktop), but the 2 monitors connected into the rx 560 show the same image (duplicated non extended) and a low resolution. Windows 10 only detect 3 monitors . I don't know if it's a problem with radeon suit and drivers , windows 10 or is an incompatibility problem between my both video cards . Someone had this problem before? Do you have some idea to resolve this? my system: Windows 10 Processor : AMD Phenom II x6 1090 . Graphics Card 1: RX 560, 4GB Graphics Card 2: HD5450 2GB RAM: 16 GB Fury MotherBoard: ASUS M4A88T850 EVO Monitors: 2 lenovo 24" (DVI-D and VGA) on HD5450 1 smart TV 75" sony (HDMI) on Rx 560 1 HP 24" (DVI-D) on Rx 560 thanks in advance!