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how to re-enable overdrive after windows 10 1909 update

Question asked by johnwayne__ on Feb 3, 2020
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ATI 7690m, 'overdrive' removed from radeon settings after windows 10 1909 update
running a HD 7690m (laptop), after updating from windows 10 1903 to 1909, radeon 'overdrive' is missing from the radeon settings panel. I have tried DDU from safemode, and reinstalled the exact driver and CCC i had running in 1903. I tried deleting the registry key of HKCU\Software\ATI\ACE\Settings so the settings could rebuild. Also made sure the user account has permission to HKCU\Software\ATI\ACE\Settings and its children. tried using MSI afterburner to enable "extend official overclocking limits".

using msi afterburner itself in 1903, afterburner was flaky for this card - which is why i chose to use overdrive instead of afterburner. now in 1909, afterburner cant extend limits.
catalyst 15.7.1 is what i am seeing as the latest driver available, and is what i was using in 1903.
DDU'ing both the AMD and the INTEL drivers didn't improve the situation.

I have a bootable copy/drive of the old 1903 install, so i ran a compare on the registry exports.
nothing remarkable from the registry compare of the HKCU\Software\ATI\ACE\Settings key and its children.
in a deeper dive of the 1903 registry, searching 'amd' or 'ati' is madness due to false positives. searching 'overdrive' yielded many lines similar to:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\.NETFramework\v2.0.50727\NGenService\Roots\C:/Program Files (x86)/AMD/ATI.ACE/Core-Static/CLI.Aspect.OverDrive5.Graphics.Dashboard.DLL]
where in the 1909 registry, the dword values are either 00000002 or 00000003.

any AMD guru's out there that can help me plan a registry adjustment based on compare?