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How do I switch to my dedicated graphics card in the new adrenaline software?

Question asked by voltzz on Feb 2, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2020 by elstaci

So , ive just got my pc and was ready to play some games , but realised i wasn't getting that much performance in heavier graphics which was the reason i chose the gpu im with (RX 570) then i found out that i was using my integrated gpu instead of the dedicated one , so i searched how to switch in between gpu's everywhere , in BIOS , changing to an older software , disabling my integrated one , nothing works , my dedicated gpu still appears as Discrete in the adrenaline software as if is not using it , the only way i was able to get a game running with good fps and good graphics was going into the game files settings and changing the gpu adapter from 0 to 1 , but almost no games let you change your game settings directly from the files , please help , i paid good money on this gpu and not using it its simply stupid . before someone asks , yes my drivers are all updated , and im putting my dxdiag in this post so anyone can see it , my pc is brand new , so are both gpus