RX 580 breaks ARC on my TV

Discussion created by mathew on Feb 1, 2020
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I have a peculiar issue with my RX 580. I have connected my gaming PC via HDMI to a Samsung soundbar (HW-K550). The soundbar is connected to the HDMI ARC Port on a Panasonic TV (CXW804). Video is correctly displayed on the TV and sound from the PC is played from the soundbar. However I am unable to control the soundbar via the TV remote. When switching to a TV signal, the TV does not detect the soundbar an plays sound via its integrated speakers. The problem persists even when the PC is turned off. The only way to fix the issue is to unplug the PC from the soundbar an restart both TV and soundbar.

I connected a different PC with an Nvidia GPU (GTX 970) and a Raspberry Pi in the same way as mentioned above and it worked flawlessly, ARC worked without a hitch for both the PC an TV.

Does anyone else have a similar issue or fix? Any help will be greatly appreciated.