RX Vega 64 Expirecing Framerate Issues in League of Legends

Discussion created by hukaree on Feb 1, 2020

I'll cut straight to the chase for about a year now I have had a struggling framerate with League. Basically the game can produce 144fps or slightly higher for a short time but as soon as things begin happening on screen the framerate drops and fluctuates massively. It acts as if the computer doesn't have enough power although changing the settings from Ultra to Ultra-Low. I have been through the loop with with the Riot Games Support twice now and have tried everything in their playbook to no avail.

Through some scattered forum posts and interactions I have found that I am not the only one with this issue and those others with it have all experienced it in with Vega or Newer high end Radeon cards. All signs point to a potential driver issue or something similar. 

I am happy to provide any information or files just tell me what you need. Please let there a be a forum wizard who knows my problem.