New Graphic cards problem

Discussion created by abukhir on Feb 1, 2020
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Hi guys, I recently bought the XFX RX 590 Fat Boy graphics card, everything goes well at first, I add the card to the pc, I uninstall my Nvidia drivers, I install the AMD drivers, I try to play games, at first everything goes well. But after i have tested it on other games, I notice that after 2-3 minutes on certain games, i finish having a black screen on both screens, and 2 times on 3 I am forced to restart the pc. After 3-4 days, I do lots of manipulation as well as reinstallation of drivers in factory mode, but it doesn't do anything, the problem persists. So I guess the graphics card was malfunctioning, so I sent it back and buy another one, in the meantime I was reusing my 1050 from Nvidia. I get the new card,  I install it and I do the same manipulations, I replay certain games and for my great misfortune, the problem continues and haunts me. So I end up with a 200 euro graphics card with insane capabilities that i can't even use (it even managed to crash on my internet explorer ). I put my composants here, I hope that someone will be able to solve my problem.


Composants : Processor : Intel i5-7500 Kaby Lake.

                       Graphic Card : MSI RX 590 OC

                       RAM: Crucial 8x2

                       HDD & SSD: Crucial SSD and 2 Unidentified HDD

                       MotherBoard: MSI B250 Gaming M3

                       Monitors: SAMSUNG S25D340( Not sure about this )and a Packard bell(idk what is his name it's a very old vga one )

                       Power Supply: Aerocool 650V.


   I've already checked if it was overheating, and it's clearly not that. The max i've got on the Cpu and the gpu was: 62C° and 58C°



The games i've tested : Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, Scrap Mechanic.

Hope i'll have some help here.