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Black screen when installing the newest drivers for my Radeon HD 7800

Question asked by vitorico on Feb 1, 2020

Last week, when installing the newest AMD drivers from the Adrenalin software, my screen went black and stayed that way even after multiple reboots. After rebooting that many times, Windows allowed me to start it in Safe Mode, where everything ran fine. I used DDU to completely remove the driver, and then installed it again, only to be faced by the same problem.


I already have this GPU for quite a few years, and this has happened to me before around two years ago, though I don't remember precisely what I did to make it work again. I also don't know what were the previously working drivers I was using before the update.


What can I do?


Here is my system info:


OS: Windows 10 64bit (desktop)

GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7800 1GB

CPU: Intel i5 3330


PSU: 500W