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OpenGL not properly installing or something | Minecraft Fatal Error

Question asked by lamborgg on Jan 31, 2020

Setup: Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 with intel core I5. 16gb RAM.


integrated Gaphics: Intel HD 4000.
Discrete Gpu: AMD Radeon HD 7730m.


Issue: Adrenaline Software 2020 Not properly setting up OpenGL. or something similar


Games used for testing: Minecraft 1.15.2 & WarZone 2100 V3.3.   

WZ2100 Puts out a fatal error. (logs included

Minecraft 1.15.2 puts out a fatal error as well. (logs included)

I had looked around across the forums and had not found that many things similar.


Does anyone here have any advice or solutions for this situation? please. i want this card running properly.


I've been bickering with this stubborn card for about 2 weeks now.